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Halloween Party  Saturday Night, October 29

Thanks to Erwin & Don from Charlotte, Joan & Charlie from Iowa with friends, Peggy & Don (Thanx for the nice card), Jane & Dave, Breezy & Skinny Rich with Nancy & Fireman Mark, Bojans Beverly & Marty, Donna (Dude) with Barbara & Mike from CHicago, Jimbo the Contractor, "the captain", the amazing Brady Johnson from the Corey Avenue Sunday Market, Linda & Tony with Earl & Nancy, Mary (Happy Birthday) & Ed, Terry with Bobbie & BettieJo and a whole beautiful afternoon of happy, comfortable folks who came to Woody's Sunday. I look forward to seeing you all again Sunday.


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Taste the Music.....

Thank you to Eileen & Carmen & friends, Victoria & Len, Leslee & BaseballBill and their friends, Dick, my dear pal Becky, Catherine, Linda & Angel, Kathy & Mike, Lara & Chris, Susan & Don from Charlotte, Erwin & Don from Charlotte (imagine that...2 Dons from Charlotte), Jim Weems, my pal Robert from Ten Beach Drive, Cindy, Debbie, and loads of well-wishers, diners, imbibers, listeners and dancers who came out. I'm back now...

let's have fun.

Wednesday Nights @ 6 PM

Thanx to my pals: Tom & Carmen along with "Fair & Balanced" CopBob, Eileen, Barbara & Bob, the nice group from Ohio, Charlotte & Mike, Barb & Rich, Don Whisnant & his wife Sue (he was a school mate of mine at Smith Jr. High in Charlotte) and everyone who came by to welcome me back to Florida. I will see you all Wednesday night.

Sunday Afternoons @ 4 PM

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Monday, October 24, 2016