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Monday, June 27, 2016
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Well....the weather didn't cooperate for a while on Sunday but it finally relaxed and we all had a nice afternoon @ Woody's. Thanx to Lucy & Timmy from Beachey's, Pat, Tom the writer, Diane & Tony the yankee fan, Frank plus family: Tammy & Dominick with Frank, Clara & Gabriella, Lisa, anna & Mike from Texas and everyone who stopped by Woody's on Sunday Afternoon.

Don't forget:
Along with my usual Sunday Afternoon I will be at Woody's on Monday, July 4th 3pm to 7pm

Sunday Afternoons

4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Calendar Note:
I will be at Woody's on Monday, July 4th

3PM to 7PM

Woody's Website


Saturday Night:
Thank you all for another great Saturday night @ Chill. Eva & David, Tony, Donna, Barb & Crystal, Linda, Linda, Ellen & Betty, Veronica & Len along with Michelle & Chris, Joan & "Dancing" Charlie, GiGi & Fred along with Zuma Terri, Baseball Bill, Gay, beautiful Lynn and Tom, Patti, Cindy and friends , John from Bulgaria and a lot of new friends who enjoyed a great evening at Chill. I return to Chill Thursday Night / Ladies Night, Friday Night & Saturday Night.

Friday Night:
Thanx to Linda (back from Sebastian) and Angel, Zuma Terri, GiGi & Fred (Happy Birthday), Debbie A. & Tony, Donna, Deie & Naomi, Nora, Frank, Dbbie Z, Maggie, Martha & Alison, beautiful Gail with Brady Johnson, Kathy & Mike, Jim Weems, Dick, Celma, Lindsay & Eric with Ashley & Chris (they found a decent babysitter),  Hope & Travis, Jane from Maine and Larry and all of the wonderful Friday nighters........Friday is gas!!!!!!

Thursday Night:
Thanx to Frank, Donna & Mr. Post, beautiful Pat & Gene "The King" Cipriano with Penny & Don, Leslie & Baseball Bill, Kathy & Mike, Peggy & Frank and the rest of the Thursday Night gang.

Thursday Night / Ladies Night

Friday Nights
Saturday Nights

@ 7 PM
357 Corey Avenue

In the former "Madeleina Cottage Restaurant"
just 2 blocks east of the old location.
(727) 360-2445

Thanx to Patsy & Frank, Jean & Paul, Mickey & Roger, Frank, Tattoo Ben, Robin & Veronica, Jonathan of SideDoor Deli plus Carla & Jeff and Paula & Bob, Hana, Pat, Jean, Eileen, Bev, Mary & Ed, Gail & Jack (Deb & Mac's friends), Bomber, Phil, Phil, Katie, Jay, Jeannie and everyone who enjoyed sthe Wednesday Night Experience at Billy's
See you Wednesday night.


@ 6 PM


Billy's Website

See you next Tuesday, June 28

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Thank You Patti, You did a great job:
Tampa Bay Times / Life Times section.
Dated May 22, 2013