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Friday, February 5, 2016

Look for me at "The Club" in Treasure Island
Next Tuesday Night,  February 9




Friday Nights
Saturday Nights
@  7PM 

357 Corey Avenue
In the former "Madeleina Cottage Restaurant"
just 2 blocks east of the old location.
(727) 360-2445

Many thanks to Colleen & Bobby from Island Grill, Frank, Barbara, Cindy & Kate, the "Iowans", Sandy & Bob, Debbie the pretty teacher and "Bomber", Hana, Pat, Eileen, Carmen (truly sorry for your loss), Andrew, James Skinner, Jay  and pal, Andrea & Andrew, Nancy & Earl and all of you wonderful people who came out Wednesday night to Billy's . See you Wednesday night.


@ 6 PM

Billy's Website


Sunday Afternoons
3:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Woody's Website

Check out this link:
Thank You Patti, You did a great job:
Tampa Bay Times / Life Times section.
Dated May 22, 2013