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Wednesday Evening @ Billy's

UPDATED: Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanx to Regina & Ken, Joanne & Steve and pretty granddaughter, Nancy & Earl, Carmen, Eileen, Jane, Jean & Chris, Susan, Sandy & Lyn along with sister Bonnie & cousin Linda, Jenni & Rick and friends, "Well-Dressed" Brady from the Corey Avenue Sunday Market, Julie & Kenny, Rosie & Carl, Jane & Dave, "Crazy" Claudia and everyone who came out to enjoy a wonderful afternoon at Woody's.
See you next Sunday.

3:30 PM - 7:30 PM
(gradually shifting due to time change)

Woody's Website


Thank you to Lynne & Dave, Suzie & Bobby, Lynn & Tom, "The Sixty Minute Man" and his lady, Angel (2 nights), Jim, Carmen, Gigi & Fred, Carol & Sharon, beautiful Kim & Brian (thanx for standing by for me), Kathy & Mike, Jo  & Andy and Mike and and all of the Apollo Beach folks (heck of a drive), Polly & Bill from Tierra Verde, Ed & his lady and everyone who enjoyed the weekend at Chill.

7 PM

( I am off Thursday & Friday night)

357 Corey Avenue
In the former "Madeleina Cottage Restaurant"
just 2 blocks east of the old location.
(727) 360-2445

Thank you to Cindy, Barbara and their friends, Phil, Andrew, Carmen, Hana, beautiful Lynn & Tom, Pat, Donna and her friend from Isla, Nancy & Earl, Kathleen & David, Annie, Natalie (Happy Birthday) and their friends, Jay, Jeannie, Linda & Gary and so many great people who enjoyed hump day with me at Billy's.
See you next Wednesday night.
Hey....that's Thanksgiving Eve!!!

@ 6 PM

Billy's Website

Check out this link:
Thank You Patti, You did a great job:
Tampa Bay Times / Life Times section.
Dated May 22, 2013