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Tuesday Night @ Woody's
Updated: Monday, December 22, 2014
Thanks so much and
Happy Holidays
to Tim, Patty,
Avery & Addison
for giving such a cool Christmas Boat Parade party.
 Thanks for letting me
provide the music.


I return to Woody's:

Tuesday Night @ 7PM

Christmas  Day  3:30 PM

Saturday Night
7 PM

&Sunday Afternoon
3:30 PM

Woody's Website
Check My Calendar for more Woody's Dates in December,
including Christmas Day plus New Year's Day!


I return to Billy's
Friday Night
December 26
@ 8 PM

(Jerry's doing
Wednesday Night, Christmas Eve)

Billy's Website

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Check out this link:
Thank You Patti, You did a great job:
Tampa Bay Times / Life Times section.
Dated May 22, 2013