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Saturday Night @ Chill
Saturday, July 23, 2016

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Friday Night:
Thank you to Leslie & BaseBallBill (Happy Birthday) along with Barbara & Jeannie & various family members including grandson Chris, Renee & Peter from Paradise News, Paula & Bob with Johnathan from SideDoorDeli, Erwin & Don from CLT, Miss Ellie, Dick, Mike and family, Joan & dancing Charlie, beautiful Jan and Tony along with Azra & Frank, Zuma Terri & Angel, Candy & Connie, Ben the "Inkster" and a giant group of "Friday Nighters". I am so pleased with the summer turnout. See you tonight.

Thursday Night:
Thanx a bunch to Dick, Kathy, Janice, Shirley & Marti, Jammin' Jack, Joannie & Tom, Joannie, Joan (yes, 3 Joans), Carolyn & Beth, BaseballBill, beautiful Robin & Mike and everyone who continued to help make Thursday night great.


Saturday Nights

Thursday Nights

Friday Nights
@ 7 PM
357 Corey Avenue

In the former "Madeleina Cottage Restaurant"
just 2 blocks east of the old location.
(727) 360-2445

Many thanks to Elaine & Bob along with Paula & Bob from Side Door Deli, Sherry & Shelly, 10/4 Elleanor & Phil who swear that they aren't engaged yet, Ray & his lovely wife, Bomber sans "hot for teacher" and everyone who stopped by and still wished me happy birthday at Billy's Wednesday night. I'll see you all Wednesday night.


@ 6 PM


Billy's Website

Sunday Afternoons

4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Woody's Website


See you Tuesday Night, July 26

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