Thanks so much to my pal Becky, Cal, beautiful Lynn & Tom, Cathy & Randy from the 10 Beach Drive days, Dave, Carlijn, Linda, Jim Weems, Angel, Debbie A. and friend, Eileen & Jean, Cindy, Beth and Gay, Debbie, Gigi & Fred, Freddy, and friend, Kathy & Mike all 3 nights, Debbie & Paul, Karen & Pete, Lynn & Rick, Cindy & Craig, Lynn & Mark, Joannie, Joann & Steve and Steve's beautiful mom and friend and niece and friends, Diane & Vic, Charlotte (Happy Birthday) & Mike , Barbara A. (sans Bill) and her sisters, my dear friends Patty & DrTim and their friends and all of the amazing filks who come out and support me and Chill. I look forward to seeing you all this Labor Day weekend. Thursday, Friday & Saturday night at 7PM

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Ah Woody's......where the weather always matters. Although we had a little rain Sunday everyone still had a swell time.

Many thanks to Cathi & Brian the sailor, "The Captain", Ginnie & Rick (long time no see), Tom the Writer, Carla & Jeff, Paula & Bob and Jonathan from Side Door Deli, Joan & Dancing Charlie, Gigi & Fred along with Isis & JeanMark and all of you great folks who, in spite of the unsurity of the climate enjoyed a happy afternoon at Woody's Waterfront. I look forward to seeing you all Sunday Afternoon plus Labor Day Monday afternoon.

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Thanx to Eileen, Jean, Sandy & Bob, Julie, Mary & Ed, 10/4 Elleanor & Phil with Lauren & Len, Pat, Phil, Billy Joule and all of the great Tierra Verde folks who came out to Billy's

Wednesday night.

I'll see you all

this Wednesday night before Labor Day