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Monday, July 24, 2017

Thank you Friday nighters: Jim Weems, Linda, Kathy & Mike, Mike from Lake Norman, Gigi & Fred, Beatrice & Eduardo, Pam & Eddie, Jeda and my old banker friend Steve, Priscilla & Janice (again), the always wonderful Malinda & Jamey their new friends Lynne & David (see you in Nice), Dick, Donna and my pal Tom and everyone who stopped by last night. Thanx so much to Kathy & Mike, Linda & Robert, Dick, Jean, Eileen, Barb, Carol, Connie, Hana & Mark,  Donna with Jan & Melissa, Janice & Prisilla, Patsy & Frank , Cheryl's birthday party including Joan, Maureen, Ken, Georgia, Missy, Maryann, Jeronimo, & Jan,and everyone who joined Ruthie & Paul  and me Thursday , Friday & Saturday night at Chill.

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Thank you all for joining me Sunday afternoon to enjoy a nice cool day at Woody's. Thanks to Betsy & Chuck, Jane & Dave and friends, ER John, "The Captain", Joe from Orlando and friend, Gale from Ohio and my dear friend Michael, Louise & Jim (welcome back and check out that throat), Gigi & Fred, Mary & Ed, Peggy & Don and all of you who helped me cap off a great birthday week. I feel truly fortunate to be receiving so much positive support. See you all next Sunday afternoon. 

Carl Fuerstman

I am completely flabberghasted at what took place Saturday night at Chill. A birthday celebration that I thought was for "BaseBallBill" Moore turned out to also include a surprise birthday party for me! First of all, thank you to Ruthie for making all of this happen with the help of others including Leslee Moore and Bill Moore for letting me share his birthday. Thank you Sheri who actually came in to celebrate with me. (she hears all of the music at home). To my solid friends Lynne & Dave, Susie & Bobby, Katie & George, Malinda & Jamey, the unmistakeable Jacci Sackett Easterling and her nice friend Kellie, Erwin and Don who stopped by,"Downtown Dianne,  Donna & my dear friend Tom, Brenda, Nancy and the great Jay Pilini, Linda Sprogell Case, Barbara and "Hotel" Gary, Kathy & Mike DeLong ( so supportive), Joyce & Ed, Jackie & Rick, Joanna & Steve, Gigi & Fred, Mary Francis & Jimbo the carpenter, Lara & Chris, Yvonne & Gordon (Thank you graciously , I know it was you), Dick, Julie & Kenny, Eileen & Bev, Courtney & Phil, Phil from Tierra Verde (LTNS) and a whole room  & Piano Bar full of dear friends. It was a great night and I am pleased to know you all. I will return to Chill Thursday, Friday & Saturday night.

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