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Wednesday Evening @ Billy's

Thanks to Yvonne & "WW", long time no see, Sandy & Lyn, Marie & Bonnie and friends, Miss Ellie, Regina from Palm Pavilion & Ken from Hollywood, Rosy & Carl along with Lisa, Carey, Carie, Eric & Marlo and family, Taylor, Eric and all of the gang at Woody's. It was raining when I arrived but by the time I started playing is was dry till the end of the gig. See you next Sunday.

Always Sunday Afternoons

4 PM to 8 PM

Woody's Website


Thank you to Zollie, Phyllis, Felicia from Texas, beautiful Heather & Jimmy, Robin, Doreen & Faith, Kim & Brian, BettieJo, Bobbi and new friends Norma and Nicki & Lance, Ed & friend, Jim, Maddie, Oscar & beautiful Xavier along with Molly, Alyssa, John, Brandon, Lennon, Richard, Andrew, Lauren and of course, Paul & Ruthie and Rocky. I return to Chill next Friday Night & Saturday Night @ 7 PM.

New Piano Bar
Friday Nights
Saturday Nights
@ 7 PM

Chill will be moving to a new, bigger, more convenient location in the old
"Madeleina Cottage Restaurant"
on Corey Ave
(just 2 blocks east of the present location).
Stay tuned....

(727) 360-8080

Thanx to Rodney & friends, Sabrina, Sandy, Paula & Paul, Janet, Lisa the Christmas tree farmer, Frank and friends, Jim, Debbie, beautiful Marie  along with Fabi, Emanuel, Frederico and Alessandro and everyone who stopped by Alvin'S Thursday night. I'll see you next Thursday night.

Thursday Nights @ 8 PM

119 1st Avenue N
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Many thanks to beautiful Colleen & Bobby from Island Grill for bringing their party (& my winnings) along with Patsy & Bob, April & Jay, Phil, Billy Joule, Pete Merrigan (who stopped by from the Loft) and everyone who came by Billy's Wednesday night. I'll see you all next Wednesday night.


Billy's Website

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Thank You Patti, You did a great job:
Tampa Bay Times / Life Times section.
Dated May 22, 2013